Galaxy S21 Manual Get Manual PDF for Free

Galaxy S21 Manual

The Galaxy S21 manual mentions the series in three types, they are the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra. It starts from the standard to the higher model. 

Galaxy S21 Manual
Galaxy S21 Manual

Although the higher model offers more upgraded features, all types have similar internals. By learning the manual, you can get guidance on the selected models purchased.

Galaxy S21 Release Date

After launching in mid-January 2021, Samsung finally released their smartphone with the name Galaxy S21. Galaxy S21 official release date on January 29, 2021 Friday.

Galaxy S21 Series Galaxy S21 5G Galaxy S21+ 5G Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S21 Type
Galaxy s21 5G
Galaxy s21+ 5G
Galaxy s21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S21 Release Date 2021, January 29 2021, January 29 2021, January 29

Galaxy S21 Price

The price offered for the Galaxy s21 starts at 799 USD with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Slight difference with the older brother of this smartphone, the Galaxy s21+ 999 USD. and 1199 USD for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This price is valid in the US.

Country Galaxy S21 Price Galaxy S21+ Price Galaxy S21 Ultra Price
United States 799 USD 999 USD 1199 USD
France 859 EURO 1059 EURO 1259 EURO
Germany 849 EURO 1049 EURO 1249 EURO
United Kingdom 769 POUNDS 949 POUNDS 1329 POUNDS

Galaxy S21 Specs

The following is some information or comparison of the Galaxy S21 Specs. Before you decide to buy, try to compare first.

Galaxy s21 Specs Samsung Galaxy S21 Samsung Galaxy S21+ Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Display size 6.2 inches 6.7-inch 6.8 inches
Dynamic AMOLED 2X Dynamic AMOLED 2X Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Screen Resolution Resolution: 1080×2400 pixels Resolution: 1080×2400 pixels Resolution: 1440×3200 pixels
120Hz 120Hz 120Hz
HDR10+ HDR10+ HDR10+
1300 nits 1300 nits 1300 nits
Rear cameras 12MP (f/1.8) wide 12MP (f/1.8) wide 108MP (f/1.8) wide
12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide
64MP (f/2.0) telephoto 64MP (f/2.0) telephoto 10MP (f/2.4) telephoto
with 3x optical zoom with 3x optical zoom with 3x zoom
10MP (f/4.9) telephoto
with 10x zoom
Selfie cameras 10MP (f/2.2) 10MP (f/2.2) 40MP (f/2.2)
CPU Exynos 2100 (5nm) – Global Exynos 2100 (5nm) – Global Exynos 2100 (5nm) – Global
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (5nm) – USA/China Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (5nm) – USA/China Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (5nm) – USA/China
ROM 128 GB 128 GB – 256 GB 128 GB – 256 GB – 512 GB
RAM 8 GB 8 GB 8 GB – 16 GB
Battery Specs 4,000 mAh 4,800 mAh 5,000 mAh
Colors Type Phantom Violet Phantom Violet Phantom Silver
Phantom Gray Phantom Silver Phantom Black
Phantom Pink Phantom Black Phantom Navy
Phantom White Phantom Titanium
Phantom Brown

Complete User Manual Galaxy S21 Series

Some of you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21 for photography. That is why you need to learn the Camera Settings thoroughly. So, you will be able to navigate and use the phone Camera. 

Get all Samsung Galaxy S21 manual information in one compiled file that tells all you need from Galaxy S21 series. Through this manual, you can also learn the device settings and features without difficulties. 

Besides, the manual enables you to know further about the phone’s latest operating system. The camera offers you an outstanding ability which also becomes a good thing about this device. Due to its exceptional performance, most people use it for Photography tools or lessons. 

The manual for Samsung Galaxy S21 is ideal, whether for beginners or experts. So, both can maximize the user experience.

Galaxy S21 Series Cameras

In general, Samsung is best for its cameras. It is suitable for those who want to capture photos and record videos using a mobile device. The Galaxy S21 series follows the trend in the Android world.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most advanced model. It offers you a higher level of camera. Experience its five premium imaging sensors on this device. 

After reading about the manual for Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will be impressed with the camera. It can capture phones with crisp and detailed results. Moreover, it provides you with color accuracy and terrific focus.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus provide you with three lenses. It becomes the imaging sensor trifecta in smartphones. 

Capture your basic shots with the standard wide-angle sensor. If you do not want to move backward, you can use the ultra-wide sensor. You can zoom in on your subject using the telephoto lens. 

Galaxy S21 User manual : Basic Information and Tips

You have to read the Galaxy S21 User manual first before operating the device. This step ensures you use it safely and properly. It mentions all the descriptions based on the default settings of the device. 

The Basic Samsung S21 User Manual

You have to know that the device content will depend on the model specifications and the software. Although the S21 series provides you with the same internal, there are a few differences in the device specs.

Samsung Galaxy S21 user manual mentions that you require a Wi-Fi or mobile network connection to use some features or apps. Make sure you have a good internet connection to prevent you from slow ability. 

Do not modify your device’s operating system from its unofficial sources. Besides, you are not allowed to install software that is not under Samsung’s license. 

You are prohibited to activate the device on airplanes or ships. There will be federal or local guidelines and restrictions for this. Check it with the appropriate authorities to ensure you.

Tips on Maintaining Device from Water and Dust

From the user manual for Galaxy S21, you have to know that the device supports water and dust resistance. However, you have to follow the below tips carefully to maintain your device’s better function. Otherwise, you will damage your Galaxy S21. 

Make sure not to immerse your mobile phone in fresh water with a depth of more than 1.5 meters. Additionally, you are not allowed to keep it submerged for longer than 30 minutes. Other liquids, such as saltwater, alcoholic beverages, and ionized water can enter it faster.

You can dry your Galaxy S21 if it is exposed to fresh water. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe your Android phone thoroughly. It is the safest way to drain your mobile device. 

Aside from that, protect your device from other liquids that may contain chemical products. If soapy water, perfume, sunscreen contaminate your device, you can rinse it with fresh water and dry it using a clean and soft cloth.

Tips When The Device Overheating

In the user manual for Samsung Galaxy S21, you can learn to handle when your Android mobile is overheating. It can give you the solutions to face that kind of situation. 

Charging the device may cause your phone and charger to become hot. Whether wireless or fast charging, it may make the device hotter. However, it does not affect the lifespan or performance of your Galaxy S21. 

Galaxy s21 Manual pdf : Download Free

As a first-time Galaxy s21 user, you definitely need information about the Galaxy s21 manual pdf. Because by downloading the Samsung Galaxy s21 manual pdf you will be helped. It has been confirmed that the Galaxy s21 user manual pdf has been explained in detail.

But as a note that the previous Samsung Galaxy s21 user manual pdf you must already have the adobe reader application. Don’t worry you can get it by visiting the page below.

Country Version Model Numbers Language Download
Global – Unlocked Galaxy S21 SM-G991 B/DS English Download
Galaxy S21+ SM-G996 B/DS Download
Galaxy S21 Ultra SM-G998 B/DS Download
Canada Galaxy S21 SM-G991 W English Download
Galaxy S21+ SM-G998 W Download
Galaxy S21 Ultra SM-G998 W Download

Samsung S21 Manual : Video First Set-up

Galaxy S21 guide and Its Highlights

Galaxy S21 guide informs you about the device highlights. This smartphone is the right choice for those who seek an impressive camera. Furthermore, it provides you with great battery life and powerful internals. 

Present you with three types, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will be a pleasure to use this series in your daily life. 

Design mentioned in Samsung S21 User Guide

The Galaxy S21 series enables you to enjoy its flair design. Its rear camera module presents you with a distinct look. It is more into the side of the device and almost hidden.

The design also offers you more options in color. One of them is vanilla made of Glasstic instead of real glass. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Guide Displays and Camera

The display of the Galaxy S21 has not changed much from last year. However, you can see the difference in this series. All offer you flat displays. 

Besides, the resolution is lower. The standard ones offer you 1080p rather than 1440p. Yet, the Galaxy S21 Ultra keeps the curved display of 1440p. The Galaxy S21 user guide allows you to learn further about the device displays. 

The camera is one of the highlights of this model. It enables you to capture your precious moments with the best photos or videos.

Galaxy S21 RAM, Storage, and 5G

This model gets fewer upgrades on the RAM compared to last year’s model. Samsung Galaxy S21 user guide mentions that the standard one has 12GB of RAM. Meanwhile, you can choose between 12 or 16GB for the Ultra type.

For internal storage, the device provides you with 128GB. Enjoy the benefit for Vanilla or Plus models with 256GB internal storage. If you need bigger space, select Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512GB. 

5G access is only possible in the United States. It supports all the Galaxy S21 series. 

Micro SD Cards and S Pen Availability

Unfortunately, the user guide Galaxy S21 does not mention slots for microSD cards. It is one of the flaws of this smartphone.

Yet, this device is the first to provide you with an S Pen. It will be the first time. Mostly, you can only find S Pen from the Samsung Note series.

The user guide Samsung Galaxy S21 notifies you that the S Pen is only available for the Samsung S21 Ultra model. However, it is excluded from the phone. If you require it, you have to purchase it separately from the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Manual : 5 Best Features

Indeed, many smartphones today are presented every year with increased photographic capabilities that can match the quality of professional cameras. This allows more smartphone users today to experience the experience of making quality photos. The popularity of the smartphone camera for consumers gave rise to the term mobile photography. Then, how about Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra manual?

Many people think (perhaps because they don’t have and use it), the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone is not much different from its predecessor. However, if they already have and try to take photos and record videos with the new smartphone, then they can only feel a very real difference.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G helps create even more epic creations. Besides being practical, this smartphone also carries excellent features that are effective and can meet the needs of taking pictures. So, what are the other advantages of the Samsung S21 Ultra? Come on, see!

Quad camera with amazing features

This phone has many camera features that users can enjoy to produce beautiful photo works. This Ultra variant also now carries a Quad Camera configuration instead of a Triple Camera like Plus and regular.

Director’s view

The presence of this feature will greatly help users, or even video content creators, to better visualize scenes and scenery. Even the results can be seen instantly.

Then, with the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra manual, users can easily adjust the cinematic transition from frame to frame and what angle is suitable for certain scenes using the preview options displayed on the screen.

Galaxy Ecosystem

What are the advantages of this feature? Of course, the S Pen will be very useful. The reason is, with the S Pen, users can do many things, from recording content ideas in the Samsung Notes application, revising storyboard illustrations from content, and even directly editing the content created.

Multi-Mic Recording

With this feature, you can set the sound source for the video, can be from the front, back, or set the Omni speaker freely. This feature is also claimed to make it easier for you if you want to connect a sound source with an external microphone using USB or Bluetooth.

Innovative connectivity features

With the Ultra Wide Band feature and an additional accessory called Smart Tag (sold separately), you can track your items with ease and precision.

UWB is also only available on the Plus and Ultra variants and can be used as a means of data transfer between two phones at a higher frequency. Besides UWB, other connectivity features are also present, such as NFC and WiFi 6E.

That’s just 5 advantages only. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra manual still has many excellent features that will make its users comfortable.

Samsung S21 5G Manual : 3 Types Series

The largest producer of electronic devices from South Korea is Samsung, this company working on producing electronics including digital media devices and also appliances. Because of that, Samsung has become the largest supplier of exports in South Korea.

This company was established on March, 1st 1938. The owner of this company is Mr. Lee Byung-Chull in Taegu, Korea. This company was making collaboration for export with China. In the first step, they built this company in the textile industry field.

And Samsung became the electronic industry in 1969, and for the first time, the product that they have produced was a black and white television. And developing every year, until nowadays they have a lot of products, including microchip, computer, and smartphone.

In January 2021, Samsung published a new series for smartphones, which is Samsung S21. There are 3 types of Samsung s21, such as:

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g

The price of this phone is around 20 million, with the speculated RAM 16GB and ROM 512GB. This phone is a premium class from type s21, with the high camera quality, this becomes the first series of Galaxy notes that has a Pen system.

Samsung Galaxy s21+ 5G

The price is around 16 million, with the speculation RAM 12GB and ROM 256GB. This phone has a battery capacity bigger than the s21 5g manual, which is 4.800mAh. With the screen size is 6.7 inch, this is recommended for those who love watching movies and gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Manual

The price of this type is around 14 million, and having the speculation RAM 12GB and ROM 128GB. This phone was designed simpler than the others, especially for those who love small designs. Because this type has a screen size of 6.2 inches.

This phone is also complete with the capability to record video with feature super steady 60fps, and this phone also has a director’s view feature that could help you to shoot and get the best video with the top quality. 

Samsung s21 5G manual is suitable for travelers, vloggers, or content creators since the front camera has 10-megapixel quality. It can support you to catch the best photo and video with the highest quality.

Those are three types of Samsung s21 that will be released in 2021, you can choose the best choices based on what you need. If you love the simple design I recommend you to use the Samsung s21 5G Manual.

Galaxy S21 Setup Instructions for Using This Smartphone

Samsung has announced its new flagship smartphone. Those are Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy s21 Plus. Those new smartphones are more perfect than the previous generation. 

Those have different features making the users confused about using them. You require Galaxy S21 setup instructions to operate it. 

Setup Instructions for Galaxy S21 

Samsung Galaxy S21 has different features making you curious to use it. Thus, you can use a user’s guide to use it. It is helping you to learn new things. 

Those make you weird and difficult to understand. Another aim of this Samsung user’s guide is to maximize the available features. 

The manual setup instructions for Samsung Galaxy S21 include a complete guide about the ways of using this device. If you find a manual traditional guide, you can use it. 

You can use the user’s guide for Galaxy S21 ultra to ease the use of smartphones. You can download it with the model number and chosen language. 

To open or read the user’s guide of the Samsung Galaxy S21, your computer requires the application of Adobe Reader. You can get it sooner. 

After it has been released on 14th January, Samsung will release a series of Galaxy S21 flagship to be the biggest one. 

This smartphone has different price ranges in some countries such as the US, Great Britain, France, and Germany. The early price of this phone is $799 for Galaxy S21 and $999 for S21 Plus, and $1.199 for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

Galaxy S21 Instructions for Users

Instructions for Galaxy S21 are useful to help you to operate this smartphone. With three different smartphones, Samsung claimed that Galaxy S21 is for everyone. 

Both Samsung Galaxy S21 series are designed for people requiring an affordable flagship experience. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra offers all things that you need in a smartphone. 

Galaxy S21 is a series of Android-based smartphones developed and produced by Samsung Electronics to be a part of Galaxy series S. Those are collectively functioning as the successor of Galaxy S20. This product was officially launched on 14th January 2021. 

The line consists of three devices with Galaxy S21 being the cheapest one with the smaller size touchscreen. It is different from the previous generation in which it has a higher battery capacity and a back glass of plastic. 

Instructions for Samsung Galaxy S21 are clear that it is needed for new users of this smartphone so that you can use and operate it correctly. 

Galaxy S21 Instruction Manual : The Things to Know

Samsung Electronics has produced three series of high-end Samsung smartphones. Those smartphones have different features and specifications. You can find those smartphones in the market called Samsung S21, Samsung S21 Ultra, and Samsung S21 5G. Those have a Galaxy S21 instruction manual to operate and use it. You need to read it before using this smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Instruction Manual 

Samsung Galaxy s21 has the size of 6.2 inches and Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has the size of 6.7 inches. Both smartphones have a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels. 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultra version has a size of 6.8 inches with a high resolution of 1440×3200 pixels. The most important thing is screen protection. 

Three screen types of those smartphones are supported by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. On the hardware device, three phones are powered by a similar chipset, Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888. 

It has run a new android operating system, Android 11 and One UI 3.1. For the part of GPU, you can see the choice of GPU. Those are Adreno 660 marketed in the US, Korea, and China and Mali G78 Mp14 are for the international market. 

The performance of this smartphone is very well. Samsung Galaxy S21 instruction manual is helping you to know some features and specifications easily. 

Instruction Manual for Galaxy S21

For the storage media, both Galaxy S21 and S21+5G are supported by two choices of internal memories for 128 and 256GB without external slot support. 

These smartphones are supported by RAM 8GB. Meanwhile, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G supports three choices of storage for 512GB with the choice of RAM 12 and 16GB. 

This version is not supporting a sim card slot. The main camera sector has a sharp and bright resolution for 12MP, 64 MP, and 12MP with attractive features. 

Those have hybrid zoom, OIS, and others. Meanwhile, the front camera is 10 megapixels and dual-pixel camera to call double videos. 

Instruction Manual for Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 gives a higher resolution for the main camera. Those are Quad 108MP and two cameras of 10MP and 12MP with some attractive features. 

It also has a 40-megapixel front camera. Meanwhile, the part of the battery is powered by a Li-Po battery of 4000 mAh with fast charging 25W. It is working longer to use and operate. 

The instruction manual for Samsung Galaxy S21 will help you to operate and use this smartphone easily. You can recognize every single feature embedded in this phone. 

Galaxy S21 Owners Manual to Set Up the Device

As a new Samsung Galaxy S21 user, you need to know how to use this device. Use the Galaxy S21 owners manual below, so you can use the features maximally like what you want. Read the manual below before taking the Samsung Galaxy S21 manual download. 

Push and Hold The Power Button 

You will see two different buttons on the right side of the phone. Focus on the short button. It is the power button. Push and hold it for a few seconds to power on the mobile phone. Ensure that you have inserted your SIM card before turning on this device. 

Select a Language 

You will see a welcome page once you turn on the Samsung Galaxy S21. This page also contains a language option. Select a language you master. The system will use the language you choose for all features. 

You will see several languages there. Hit the OK button once you decide on the language. Then, choose the start button to continue the setup process. 

Check the Legal Items to Review 

Clicking the start button brings you to the legal items to review page. There are 4 items you can read by clicking them one by one. Then, give a checkmark of all the items and click the next button. 

Set up Wi-Fi Network 

Now, the device wants you to set up the Wi-Fi network. Follow the instructions and input the password to activate the network. Press the connect button. Press the next button once the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.  

Pair the Files and Data

You can also pair data and files from the previous mobile phone to Samsung Galaxy S21. Follow the instructions and press the next button. Wait for the pairing process. 

Sign In to Google Account 

The next process is to sign in to your Google account. The device uses your account when you are downloading apps, using email, and many more. Ensure that you are using your active Google account and press the next button.

Protect Your Phone

Samsung develops Galaxy S21 with a protection feature. Users can protect their devices by using a fingerprint, PIN, face recognition, and password. Choose one of the security systems you want to use to protect the device.  

Follow several simple instructions more on the device. That’s it! The setting up process is done. You can use the phone. 

Find out or read a Samsung Galaxy S21 owners manual to know all the features available on this device. Ensure that you get the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 manual update. The more you use the features, the more you get used to them.

Follow This Galaxy S21 Setup Guide to Get a New Experience!

A few months ago, Samsung launched their latest flagship smartphone series with the 5G-technology such as Galaxy S21, followed by the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra series as its newest. 

As a pioneer to both of their most lustered models, the Galaxy S21 offers a much lighter design and has the smallest size, so for 6-inch smartphone enthusiasts, this product can certainly be a very appropriate gadget solution. But as a new user or beginner, have you known the most common Galaxy S21 setup guide or how to use it manually?

This is The Easiest and Simple Samsung Galaxy S21 Setup Guide

Turn on, Turn off, and Forcing Restart the Device

How to turn on the power button is to press it for a few seconds or hold it for a while until the “Samsung Galaxy S21” appears on the screen. As for turning off the device, you can press and hold the power and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the screen is completely off.

If at any time, the device has changed or does not respond to commands, press the volume and power buttons simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart.

How to Manage Samsung Accounts

To activate your Samsung Account, you can go to the “Settings” menu then click “Samsung Account”. You can activate this account using a Google account or if you don’t have one, try or create a Google account first so that it is easy to access it.

When the Samsung Account is active, you can enjoy a variety of official services from this device such as accessing Samsung’s web, TV, and others.

Move Data from your Old Device to Galaxy S21

Another The Galaxy S21 Setup Guide is moving or transferring data from an old device to a new device. How to do that? Super easy. You can use a USB cable, utilize a wireless network, and back up from a computer as usual.

To make it easier, that is to send or move data over a wireless network and USB Cable, you can download the Smart Switch App via Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Run and Set Applications & Features

You can get many interesting applications by downloading them through the Galaxy Store and Play Store. If you want to install or disable the application, you can tap and press the application on the device for a few seconds to bring up the “Uninstall” or “Disable” option.

The Uninstall option works to eliminate applications that you have downloaded. Whereas “Disable” means you turn off the factory default application function of the device because it cannot be uninstalled.

That is the Galaxy S21 setup guide briefly and most popular for users. Next, you can read various tutorials or instructions for using this Smartphone by downloading the handbook or guidebook through an official website or a number of trusted websites.

Alert! This is The Importance of Handbook Samsung Galaxy S21 for User!

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the latest smartphones from a South Korean gadget company that is predicted to meet the market’s desires and expectations in 2021, especially for those who are flagship lovers. However, after they launched this product, many users felt confused and lacked understanding of the new features and apps. 

Therefore, many users have to read the Samsung Galaxy S21 Handbook to make it easier for them to operate it. What can you get in the guidebook? To be clear, let’s look at the following important points to optimize your skill toward this Smartphone!

Handbook Galaxy S21 Contains Important Information Regarding Devices

In this handbook, you will be shown a layout image containing some features or specifications on the gadget. Starting from the layout of the speaker hole, the functions of each type of camera, SIM Card, button parts, etc.

Each section fills up with a piece of great information that will help your utilization every day, especially for work and entertainment. For example, there is a Game Launcher that will make it easier for you to play games and collect them together to be easily managed.

But how do you run this Launcher Game and what is the difference from Game Booster? This is the importance of reading the user guide so that you are more shrewd at playing a Smartphone.

Galaxy S21 Handbook also Loading Suggestions, Tips, and Tutorials for Users

Not only contain product specifications or basic information but this manual book also explained various ways of operating some features. Samsung also provides some prohibition or instructions manually if you have difficulty understanding every point for users, the service certainly provides value.

In addition, Samsung also provides some examples of common problems if you use the Galaxy S21 with the solution, so users don’t have to worry if they experience some basic obstacles.

An example on page six is written that users are prohibited from soaking the device in water for more than 1.5 m or submerged for 30 minutes. Moreover, soaking it in heavy liquids such as alcohol-water, saltwater, and the like.

How to Get a Samsung Galaxy S21 Handbook

To get or read this handbook is not difficult. You can get this guidebook every time you make a Galaxy S21 purchase. In addition, you can also download it for free through Samsung’s official website or some trusted sites.

Galaxy S21 guidebook is also available in various languages such as Bengali (Bangladesh), Brazil (Portuguese), Pinyin (China), Indonesian (Indonesia), and there are still 244 other languages in the world.

The existence of every guidebook should not be ignored because it contains tricks & tips that are useful for its users. So, try to read first unless you don’t get the wrong step.

Manual printable Samsung Galaxy S21 You All Need to Know

Who on earth does not know a big company called Samsung? This company keeps on making outstanding progress and so far has released the newest version of Samsung series, The Galaxy S21, in early 2021. 

If you are a new user of this series, it is important for you to know the manual printable Galaxy S21 in order to be able to know and operate the phone, accessories you want to try and software you want to give it a shot. So, let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Laser Product

Mobile phones are something that everyone can easily access from young to adults. But not many people notice that the device they are everyday using can cause hazardous harm for its users. What does that hazardous harm mean? Well, just like any other devices, Samsung Galaxy s21 can opt out of radiation exposure and this is very dangerous for the users. To prevent this, you need to keep in mind that you should never open the sealed cell phone case or the laser beam can finally reach you.

Health and Safety

It is important to prevent damage to the device, so you might want to do extra care by keeping away all the water around in order to avoid electric shock to the phone and closing all existing-compartments to keep dust away. If your Galaxy S21 is exposed into the water, dry it right away using clean and soft clothes. But when it comes to liquid, you must rinse the device into fresh water and dry as directed. 


Another Samsung Galaxy s21 manual printable is that never arrange of battery in a fire since they may detonate. You also do not allow to remove, pulverize, cut, warm, burn or reuse the battery. If you are thinking of recycling the battery and mobile phone, you can simply call 1-800-822-8837 or get the information in

Your Location

Not uncommon to see plenty of applications in your device asking for location-based information in order to link you with what you want. So, if you click the ‘agree’ button, it means that you will likely agree that all third-parties, including the application’s builder and all related people, will know where you base. 


Your mobile phone will always make it easy to access all places by using Map features. You will no longer take hours to confuse or get lost to somewhere you were not intended to go. Thus, if you want to drive safely, make sure to always pay attention to the road, traffic, and conditions nearby.

Device Temperature

You might not want to let your device get too hot to touch because not only it will bother you, but also it can cause damage as well to your Samsung device. 

So, Galaxy s21 manual printable solution for that is to directly close all the applications you open and leave your phone alone for a while until it is stable, then your device will be just okay.

That is all Manual printable Samsung Galaxy S21 we want you to know. All the precautions should be taken seriously to prevent harm to the users and the device. By not neglecting the manual above, we believe that you can enjoy using your new awesome Samsung Galaxy S21. Good luck!

5 Main Samsung Galaxy S21 Settings

Settings feature is always familiar with its gear icon because it controls almost everything in our phone. By exploring the whole settings, we enable our device to be customized the way we want and how we are interested in it. 

There are some basic settings which can be easily installed on any device. So, are you curious what Galaxy S21 setting and hoping to know how to control them? Then keep on reading this article because we will explain it only for you. 

First thing first, to reach device settings on your Samsung galaxy S21, you have to go from Home Screen, swipe down and tap settings, or you can just tap settings from the apps. There, you will find things hiding inside that gear. Check it out!


The primary settings on Galaxy s21 we want to emphasize is about the connection. The users can start their journey by connecting the Galaxy S21 to the existing network. 

That is aimed for transferring the information so the users will have rich insights related to something. 

Users can explore the connection through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and payment, Airplane Mode Mobile Hotspot, Tethering, Private DNS, Ethernet, and Network unlock. You can explore them once you go to connection settings. 

Sounds and Vibration

As the owner of your Galaxy S21, you have full control of choosing your sounds and vibrations aimed to indicate screen touches, notifications, and other interactions. 

There is a sound mode setting instead of the volume keys to change the sound mode and then there are vibrations to control how and when your Galaxy S21 will vibrate. 

You will find features such as volume, ringtong, notification  sound, system  sound, system sounds  and  vibration, dolby  Atmos , equalizer, UHQ  upscaler , adapt  sound , and separate app  sound as well


Next Samsung Galaxy s21 settings  are notifications. All apps contain notifications so you can manage how the notifications want to alert you. 

If you think that they are bothering enough to be popped out, you can just freely turn off the notification and make sure they won’t appear in your home screen. 

Device Maintenance

In device maintenance, you can see and ensure the battery is very easy and switch them right away  into a power saver mood. 

Not only that, this setting will also show quick optimization, memory, advanced device care options, language and input ,data and time, customizations service, and troubleshooting.


There are accessibility settings on Samsung Galaxy s21 that are made for the users who need help to fully operate their device. 

Accessibility services are special features to make sure that the users do not find it hard to use their Galaxy S21 device. 

Features inside the accessibility you can explore are recommended for you, talkBack, visibility enhancements, interaction and dexterity, advanced settings, installed services, and about accessibility. 

That is pretty much about 5 main Samsung Galaxy S21 Settings. Now, you do not need to worry anymore about how to control your phone settings. We hope you can explore your Samsung Galaxy S21 to the fullest!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Quick Start Guide

The emergence of the Samsung Galaxy S21 product has provided many attractive standards for a smartphone. Categorized as a sophisticated smartphone and carrying better specifications, of course there are several advantages that can be accessed by all users by understanding the quick start guide on Samsung Galaxy s21

From several references it has been calculated that there are several kinds of the latest features that make this version of the Galaxy s21 different. In this case, there is an important mechanism to be able to manage the right ways to recognize and use all the advantages of this Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Quick Start Guide

Initially, this Samsung product with the Galaxy S21 version was launched as a smartphone competitor with a 5G network. In this case there are proper ways to use the device based on the guide which is easy and accessible to all new users.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications With Previous Versions

We can recognize that from this latest smartphone version, it gives a quite attractive flagship experience with a more elegant touch. 

In this case, users can see the concept of a new smartphone that carries the theme of Samsung Electronics. So that all of its features have been widely accessed since its launch on January 29, 2021.

There are different parts of the screen size that are considered quite large by covering 6.2 inches. In the quick start guide on the Samsung Galaxy s21, there is information on the use of Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels to produce sharper images.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Chipset Performance

Not only carrying 5G technology, the information on the Galaxy s21 quick start guide is still considered faster because of the best chipset performance. 

Some of the chipset facilities in the latest version of Samsung still provide the best components for gaming. It is proven that the Exynos 2100 Global Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5nm chipset has provided the best features for multitasking.

RAM and ROM Performance

The components right in the latest Galaxy s21 quick start guide have shown the quality of RAM and ROM with a larger capacity. 

The Galaxy S21 version uses 8GB of RAM with a choice of 128GB and 256GB ROM. The performance of the two hardware components is considered qualified.

Camera Resolution

The main guide to using the Samsung Galaxy s21 also shows a higher camera resolution of 12MP, 12MP, 64MP with 3x optical zoom. The capabilities of telephoto, wide, and ultrawide lenses are an advantage.

Battery Capacity and Connectivity

Not only carrying large-capacity RAM and ROM, in the quick start information on the latest Galaxy s21 guide it is also shown how the main standard of a 4,000mAh battery is. The connectivity section also uses the 5G network, to provide convenience to all users.

Samsung Galaxy S21 price

Considering all the best features in the Galaxy s21 version many aspects determine the price we can see. Since its launch in January 2021, the price on the Samsung Galaxy S21 market can reach 15 million.

Of course there are some calculations regarding price and performance on how to use the Galaxy S21 for various purposes. From the quick start on guide Galaxy s21, it is hoped that there are several advantages you can get.

The Hidden User Manual Built-in Samsung Galaxy S21

In 2021, Samsung launched their latest product which can be said to be their latest flagship. With stunning specifications, of course, this smartphone is equipped with features that are different from smartphones in other classes. 

Of course, this will raise some questions, what are the available features? What are its functions? And how to use it? Here is the easiest way to access the Galaxy S21 user manual:

1. Direct Access from the Smartphone

First, you have to go to settings and scroll down the screen until you find tips and a user manual menu. Tap on it and you will see some basic tutorials for Samsung Galaxy S21. 

For the user manual, you may tap on the user manual menu at the bottom part then you will see some tutorials on how to use all features of the Samsung Galaxy s21. 

Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi or internet unless you cannot access the user manual. In the user manual, you can get the information about the basic use of galaxy s21, the apps and features menu, setting and the last is appendix. 

In the basic menu, you can get detailed information about quick charging, key features, device layout and function, and many more. 

While, in the apps and features menu, you can see how to operate the camera, link to windows, quick share, and so forth. 

Then, there is much detailed information in the settings menu such as fingerprints, connections, battery and device car, etc. And the last menu that you can access is the appendix. In the appendix, there is only one menu called accessibility, which is used to improve accessibility.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Manual Download

The user manual has a function to guide users in using a smartphone, especially smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 which of course not many people can use its features considering that this smartphone is equipped with lots of new features that may be foreign to the ears of smartphone users.

Here’s how to download the user manual through the official Samsung website:

    • Open the searching engine on your computer
    • Type galaxy s21 manual download
    • Choose one of the available websites then you will get to download the user manual.

The built-in user manual is different from the manual download. In the downloaded user manual, the readers will get all the detailed information, tutorials, and guide. 

The menu is similar to the built-in user manual but the difference is the content of each menu for basic menu, apps and features menu, setting, and also appendix. Certainly, if you want to look for a guide, you don’t need internet connections.

After reading the Samsung S21 manual, you will understand that this device can be a good fit for common people. It is merely not for professional photographers due to its high-quality sensors. You can get stunning pictures and videos as well. Get a more versatile and better result by using Samsung S21 series.

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