How to Enter Recovery Mode Galaxy s21?

Recovery Mode Galaxy s21

You might have your reason to enter the Recovery Mode Galaxy s21. How can you do that? It is not as complicated as your imagination at all.

Recovery Mode Galaxy s21
Recovery Mode Galaxy s21

Enter Recovery Mode

To enter Recovery Mode Galaxy s21, you need to prepare your type C cable first. You need to plug it into your Galaxy S21 device. Do not forget to connect it to your computer as well. Once everything is connected properly, all you have to do is just pushing and keeping a combo of the Power button and Volume Down button.

After a while, the screen light will go off. However, you must not let go of the buttons right away. You still need to keep pressing the Power button while letting go of the Volume Down button. While holding the Power button, now you have to press the Volume Up button.

You need to keep pressing both buttons until you can see the Samsung logo’s appearance on your device screen. Then, you can release all of those buttons. After waiting for a while, you will see the Recovery Mode Galaxy s21 menu appears on the screen. There are some options you can choose from from the menu. To navigate your choice, you only need to use the Volume button. If you want to enter a specific option, you can use the Power key.

What Can You Do on Recovery Mode?

Why do you need to access the recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy S21? What can you do after accessing the recovery mode? Well, you can do some things although the options you can do on recovery mode might be different from one to another manufacturer.

Nevertheless, it is pretty common to find the option to reboot the system now on the recovery mode no matter what the manufacturer is. The reboot command will just restart your smartphone as usual. By accessing the recovery mode, you can make an update using ADB or Android Debug Bridge since the smartphone will be connected to the computer. This way, the command such as to fix bugs in the app can be done right from the computer.

You need to enter the recovery mode when you have to wipe all of the data on your smartphone. When you have some issues with your Android phone, a factory reset might be the last resort for solving the problem. As you know, performing a factory reset to your smartphone means that all of your data will be deleted. Entering Recovery Mode Galaxy s21 will also be needed to delete the cache partition.

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