How to Restart Galaxy S21 When Frozen?

Restart Galaxy S21

This article informs the guidance to restart Galaxy S21 when frozen. It helps you to fix or reset your frozen Samsung Galaxy S21. Learn more about how to make it work as usual. 

restart Galaxy S21 when frozen
restart Galaxy S21 when frozen

Hard Restart Galaxy S21

You can fix your Galaxy S21 when it gets frozen on its screen. It happens because the problem is just a minor one. Thus, you can fix the device on your own. 

There may be some causes why your phone suddenly stops responding. It can be because of a firmware crash or a drained battery. So, the first solution performs a hard restart. 

You can get the best solution through doing the force restart Galaxy S21. It starts by removing your phone battery that makes your device shut down. When the battery is taken out, it triggers your phone to boot up. 

The step enables you to make your phone work again. You can fix the problem without a long process. Here are the simple steps:

  •  You have to press and hold at the same time the Volume Down and Power Key button. Make sure you do it for around 10 seconds. This step helps you to shut down your phone and do power back up. 
  •  After you restart Galaxy S21 when frozen, you will see the logos. You have to release both keys. Then, allow the process to continue.

Hard Reboot Galaxy S21

The way to force reboot Galaxy S21 is simple and easy for you to do. You can reboot or restart your device by charging your device. Let us see the below step as your guidance:

  1.  Start by plugging the power adapter into any electrical outlet. Make sure the outlet works well.
  2.  Then, connect your device to this power adapter. You have to use the original charging cable. 
  3.  Whatever shows on the phone, you have to leave it at least for 10 minutes. Connect it to the charger for some time, and you can check it afterward.  
  4.  Then, press and hold at the same time the Volume Down and Power Key. You have to do it for around 8 seconds. 
  5.  After you see the Samsung logo, release both keys. This step should help you to fix the problem. Allow your device to finish the boot process before you want to use it. 

However, if both ways do not work, you have to bring it to a technician. It may be because of the hardware issue. Hopefully, this article about the process to restart Galaxy S21 when frozen can be beneficial guidance for you. 

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