How to Split Screen Galaxy S21?

Split Screen Galaxy S21

Split Screen Galaxy S21 is useful for you who want to use the Multi Window view on your device. There is a split-screen feature available on Galaxy S21. It allows you to use two different apps on your android at the same time. 

Split Screen Galaxy S21
Split Screen Galaxy S21

This feature provides you with convenience and has no disruption. Below information are the steps for Multi-Window view. 

How to Use Split Screen Galaxy

In this part, you can apply step-by-step to activate your split-screen feature and exit split screen galaxy S21. It is useful for you to see the different apps on the same screen. Here are the steps:

  1. You have to start and activate your device. Make sure your device is on and unlocked. 
  2. Then, you can continue to the next stage. You have to open two different applications on your Galaxy S21. After you open two apps, you have to select the Recent Apps Button located on the lower left of your device. 
  3. Continue by reaching your device bottom. You have to tap the button located on your left-hand side. Make sure you tap it. 
  4. After you tap the button, you can view and access all the background applications. These apps will work at the same time for your split screen Galaxy S21 view. 
  5. Continue to the next step. Your phone displays the icon on the top side of your background app.  
  6. Click on the icon. Then, it will present you with four to five options displayed on your screen. Select the option for Open in Split Screen View. 
  7. Continue by accessing your second app. It will run beside the first selected app. Now, your Split-screen feature works. 

Through split-screen, you can enjoy accessing two applications without being interrupted. You can close it at any time. 

How Do I Turn Off Split Screen View

The best thing about Galaxy S21 is that it allows you to enjoy Picture-in-Picture or PiP features. So, you can watch a video or open an app in a small window. You can use the rest of the phone display for other things.

However, you have not to worry because stop split screen on android is easy to do. You can do it at any time you need it.

You only need to tap the Home button. This button is the icon located in the center of your phone. Then, drag your second app upward to enable your phone to run as usual.

This feature is only available for an Android 8 phone and above. Thus, Split Screen Galaxy S21 just exists on the specific model. 

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