How to Set up Voicemail Galaxy s21?

How to set up voicemail Galaxy s21
How to set up voicemail Galaxy s21

Easy Steps to Set up Voicemail Galaxy S21, Its Password, and Greeting

How to set up voicemail Galaxy s21? From some variants from Samsung released recently, it seems that Galaxy S21 is one with more enthusiasts nowadays compared with others. There are many reasons why they choose this series. It is starting from the more stylish design to better features available.

Talking about the features in Galaxy S21, you should not forget this one, voicemail. Okay, voicemail may not be a new thing in the world of smartphones. Previously, many series have been provided here. But the voicemail in Samsung Galaxy S21 looks great and it indeed works very well. If you are interested to use it, make sure to set it up first using the following steps

Go to the Phone App

If you have not known it yet, the voicemail feature is located in the Phone app. So, make sure to open it first. Next, look at the top right of your phone screen and see the 3 dots available there. Some options appear and choose Settings.

Continue it by tapping Voicemail and Voicemail Settings. A Voicemail Number appears and you can copy or take notes. Go back to the dialer of the Phone app. The number you have found from the previous step is submitted. Submit the number set completely including the * sign. 

Next, press the green phone button and the voicemail number has been set. Until this step, you can go back to the Start screen.

Set up Password

If you are an old user of Voicemail Galaxy S21, the step can be stopped there. But if you are a new one, make sure to establish a voicemail box first. To do it, you will be let to choose a password and greeting for the voicemail box.

Sure, the password can be made by yourself. However, Samsung requires some matters so that your password will be accepted. What are those requirements?

  • First, the password must be from 4 to digits long. 
  • Second, the digits cannot be a single-digit repeated, for example, 2222 or 4444. 
  • Third, it also must not be an ascending or descending sequence such as 1234 or 9876. 
  • Fourth, you cannot use your phone number or a part of it as the password.

Fifth, you must have made a PIN previously for other apps or the PIN for the voicemail itself. So, make sure that the current password must be different from it. Lastly, there are some order digits forbidden to use as passwords. They are 7890, 2580, and 1210.

Set up Greeting

After setting up a password, the next thing you must do is setting up a greeting. It is through some steps below.

  1. First, open the Phone app, and automatically, the keypad appears. 
  2. Second, tap and hold button 1 until the voicemail is called, continue it by immediately tapping button 3 to access the Settings menu. 
  3. Third, listen to the options read tap button 2 to record a new greeting.

This way, the personal greeting plays and you can tap 2 again to record a new one. Fourth, say any greeting that you want. After it is done, tap the button # and tap 1 to save it. The personal voicemail Samsung Voicemail Galaxy S21 greeting is finally set up.

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