S22 Ultra Recovery Mode Not Working : How to Fix it?

S22 Ultra Recovery Mode Not Working
S22 Ultra Recovery Mode Not Working

Tutorials on How to Enter S22 Ultra recovery mode?

Samsung Galaxy s22 is one of the brand new releases on the Samsung Galaxy series, it is one of the best specifications you can get, and a direct upgrade of its predecessor. Have trouble with your Galaxy s22 that requires recovery mode? Or hard resetting your phone? Here are steps on S22 Ultra Recovery Mode Not Working. 

Recovery mode is a system that allows you to run your system factory reset to enable you to reset your phone back into factory settings. Other than using recovery mode to hard reset your phone, recovery mode can also be used to safely boot your phone to avoid getting any trouble. This is also a way to troubleshoot certain problems regarding firmware and android. 

Steps On How To Enter S22 Ultra recovery mode

Now, here are the guide and the answer on how to enter S22 Ultra recovery mode?

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. When your phone is off – press then hold down three buttons “Volume up + Power key + home” Press and hold it for around 7 seconds. 
  3. When the Samsung logo appears – The system is restarting, release the power key, however, you still need to hold down the volume up and home button, so don’t release the button yet. Android device recovery mode screen will show up.
  4. Now you have to enter recovery mode – This is recovery mode in Samsung galaxy s22, To navigate recovery mode, use volume up and down to navigate the menu, and the power button to select it. 
  5. You can restart your phone for safe mode restart – There are many options you can use in recovery mode, safe mode, and also factory reset. If you choose factory reset, all of the data and settings in your phone will be reset, and the data will be erased. 

Now, that was an answer and guide on S22 Ultra Recovery Mode Not Working. 

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