How to Unlock Galaxy S21?

unlock Galaxy S21
Unlock Galaxy S21

Unlock Galaxy S21

Password or pattern lock are required to unlock Galaxy S21. Yet, you will learn the easy method to unlock your device here. Here is the following information about how to unlock it.

Unlock Galaxy S21 Without Password

unlock Galaxy S21
unlock Galaxy S21

You can unlock Galaxy S21 without losing data and without requiring a password. What you need to do is answer the security question under your Google account. Through this step, you can unlock your device easily. 

Step 1: Get Option To Unlock Without Password

After you make multiple wrong trials, your device will lead you to the unlock without password option. There will be the option for Forgot Pattern or Forgot PIN/Password for you to select.

Step 2: Tap The Button

Hit the unlock without password option. After that, you have to select the option for Answer Questions.

Step 3: Get Your Security Questions

After the above step, you will get your security questions on your Google account. At this part, you have to answer the question correctly. So, it enables you to continue to the next step. 

Step 4: Answer The Question

Answer the questions to unlock Galaxy S21 accurately. Through this, you can unlock your device without difficulties. Avoid making the wrong answer because it will guide you to another different step.

Step 5: Successful Unlock

By answering the question correctly, you can access your device. You have to create a new Password/PIN or Pattern Lock. You have to remember this new password or pattern lock to access your device in the future. 

Unlock Galaxy S21 Without Button

Some of you may unlock Galaxy S21 with button. However, this article will guide you to unlock it without requiring you to tap any button from your phone. You have to use your Gmail account. 

The Gmail account has multiple purposes, including unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S21. Let’s see the following steps. 

Step 1: Get The Unlock Option

After trying multiple wrong efforts, your device will present you with the unlock option. There is Forgot PIN/Password or Forgot Pattern option for you to select. 

Step 2: Login To Your Gmail

In this step, you have to enter your Gmail account details. Type your username and password. 

Step 3: Successfully Login

After correctly typing your username and password, you are successfully logged in. You can use and enjoy your unlocked smartphone.

Unable to unlock your device can be frustrating. Hopefully, the above steps to unlock Galaxy S21 are helpful for you. 

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