How to Force Shutdown Galaxy s21?

Force Shutdown Galaxy S21
Force Shutdown Galaxy S21

Force Shutdown Galaxy S21 : 4 Simple Methods You Possibly Do

How to force shutdown Galaxy S21? In some cases, your smartphone may need to shut down. However, it is sometimes quite difficult to do as the device is lagged or in other troubles. Generally, how to shut down a smartphone is by pressing the power button for some seconds. But it is different for Samsung Galaxy S21. When you are doing this, instead of shutting down the phone, you will activate Bixby, the assistant feature of the device.

But you should not worry. You still have some options to force shut down the device. Those ways are safe and not damaging the device even if you do it many times. What are they?

The Quick Settings Panel

The first way is by utilizing the Quick Settings panel. To do it, you can just swipe down the screen to appear panel. Next, tap the Power button on the upper right of the screen to see some options available. From those options, there are Power Off and Restart. To shut down, choose Power Off.

Power and Volume Down Buttons

If the smartphone is in the lagging condition so that the screen doesn’t work, you can use some physical buttons to force it shut down. How is it? Press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons for around 3 seconds. This way, 3 options appear; Power Off, Restart, and Emergency Mode. Choose one of them which is the most suitable for your condition. You can try Power Off first.

You Can Still Use the Power Button Only

As has been discussed above, in default, the Power button is to activate Bixby. However, if you don’t use Bixby, you can use the button normally to shut down the device. To enable it, make sure to enter Settings > Advanced Features > side Key and choose the Power Off option. This way, anytime you need to turn off the device, you can just press and hold the Power button for some seconds.

Force to Restart the Smartphone

The last method is technically not to shut down the smartphone but to restart it. This method should be done if you cannot turn it off after using the other 3 ways mentioned above. So, you can use the Power and Volume Down buttons again. Hold and press it longer than in the second point, it is for about 10 to 30 seconds. Release them when you see that the terminal power is on. After that, the device is automatically restarting and you can use the device normally after you force shutdown Galaxy S21.

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